Tahune Forest Airwalk

A beautiful reserve on the banks of the mighty Huon River is now the home of the popular Tahune Forest AirWalk, swinging bridges and visitor centre. Although this tourist development has changed the area, it is still a popular place to picnic in one of the many shelters or tables, while cooking lunch on a gas barbecue.

Beyond Tahune is the Warra Long Term Ecological Research site. This area is part of a worldwide forest monitoring and research network established under the United Nations Environment Program. More details can be read on the Huon Trail sign located in the picnic area, near the start of the Huon Pine Walk. This 20 minute loop walk is easily managed by most people and is the easiest place in Tasmania to see young and mature Huon pines growing in their natural riverine rainforest environment.

The 597m Tahune Forest AirWalk amongst the trees gets you 20m above the ground. The highlight is the cantilever that is 48m above the river level, providing fantastic views of the forests and the junction of the Picton and Huon Rivers.

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