Freycinet Peninsula Sea Kayaking

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The Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s east coast was one of Australia’s first locations where sea kayaking tours were available, and is still one of the best locations around. The peninsula is famous for Wineglass Bay, just one of its many white sandy beaches and the pure clear turquoise waters that are perfect for sea kayaking. You can explore the beaches and inlets on the calm waters of Great Oyster Bay, or paddle across to Schouten Island, an easy one-day trip. Many expert kayakers prefer to paddle alongside the towering sea cliffs of the outside coastline of the peninsula, weather permitting.

The Freycinet Paddle was listed as the #4 must-do experience in Australia on the Nine Network’s Things to Try Before you Die. On this relaxed, three hour guided tour of the Freycinet coastline, you’ll glide beneath pink granite mountains, past pristine sandy beaches and across waters so crystal clear you feel like you can touch the marine life below. Check Availability and Book online >>

The Oyster Paddle: Experience the hidden gem that is Moulting Lagoon only 5 minutes’ drive from Coles Bay. This world recognised bird sanctuary is a must see by kayak. Get up close and personal as you glide by sea eagles, black swans and over 100 species of birds. Experience the unique opportunity to hear from one of Tasmania’s leading oyster farmers & taste an oyster harvested and shucked before your very eyes.

Sea Kayak Rentals: available if you would rather do your own thing that go sea kayaking in a group, Nature may be beautiful and inspiring, but it is not always gentle – sea conditions can change quickly. As such, unguided sea kayak rentals are suited to experienced and confident paddlers who understand sea conditions and how to manage risks.

This tour is suitable for all ages and no experience necessary

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