Wielangta Forest Reserve

The Wielangta forest is part of remnant glacial refugia forest and contains blue gum eucalypt forest and pockets of cool temperate rainforest. The forest is a key habitat of rare and threatened species, including the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle, Swift Parrot, Wielangta Stag Beetle, Spotted-tail Quoll and Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

About halfway between Copping and Orford in the heart of the Wielangta Forest, the Sandpit Forest Reserve picnic area provides a great stopping point for a picnic in one of the two stone shelters once used by Aborigines.

Wielangta walk is a 2 hour return walk that follows the route of an abandoned tramway to the remnants of the old timber milling township of Wielangta. The mill operated from 1911 to 1924, with cut timber carted on trams down the coast to Rheban where it was loaded onto a jetty and shipped off. There is another shorter walk through the rainforest (20 minutes return) at Robertson's bridge.

The Forest Mosaic Platform explains the various forest types along the drive and the ways in which wet and dry schlerophyll forests are managed and various parts are reserved, while other areas are grown for future quality timber products. At the Northern end of the drive to Orford a narrow road leads to a picnic area with panoramic views over Maria Island and the East Coast. The bushwalk to the Three Thumbs starts just downhill from the lookout.

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