Travel Times and Distances

Air Travel

  • Times quoted are minimum travel times for direct flights according to carriers' timetables. Times vary from carrier to carrier. For indirect flights involving connections through other airports to complete a journey, extra time must be added. Times quoted are airport to airport flight times, and do not include land travel to and from airports.
  • Sydney - Hobart: 1 hour 55 minutes
  • Melbourne - Hobart: 1 hr 15 minutes

  • Coach Travel

    • A number of coach operators provide coach transport services and organised tours from Hobart. Bus timetables for intercity and regional bus services can be found on the following website:

Road Travel Distances

Allow 1 hour for every 100 km of travel on Australia's major highways. Increase this by 20% when calculating travel times on lesser roads which travel through regional centres and small towns. Breaks of up to 30 minutes should be added every two to three hours to counter driver fatigue. The best way to prevent driver fatigue is to make sure you have enough sleep before driving, regardless of the length of your trip. Rest areas are places where you can park safely, get out of your car and refresh yourself before continuing on your journey. They are available 24 hours a day all year round and are clearly signposted. Service centres, petrol stations, parks and country towns are other places you can stop and take a break from driving.

Driving Speeds (approximate)

Km/hr 50kph 60kph 70kph 80kph 90kph 100kph 110kph
Miles/hr 30mph 37mph 43mph 50mph 56mph 62mph 69mph

Hobart to:

km miles

km miles
Launceston 200 124 Oatlands 85 53
Port Arthur 95 59 Queenstown 260 161
Devonport 285 177 Burnie 335 208
St Helens 250 155 Strahan 296 184
Rosebery 315 196 Southport 102 63
Oatlands 85 53 Scottsdale 260 162
Stanley 426 265 Cradle Mtn. 350 218

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