Tassie Made

Tastes of Tasmania

The range of Tasmania's regional fare is extensive - wasabi, gourmet sauces, handmade chocolates and fudge, sauces, jams, condiments, honeys, herbs, seafood, wines, cheeses, liqueurs, ciders, beers and whiskies. The bountiful supplies of Tasmanian fruit are renowned for their delicious flavour, the island's temperate maritime climate provides a diversity of produce to be harvested from early summer to late autumn.

Tasmania's naturally elegant wines are made from grapes grown in climates similar to much-celebrated European wine regions - with mild summers and long autumn days that slowly ripen the grapes, providing elegance and intensity of flavour.

Health, Beauty and Well Being

Australia's passion for keeping fit continues to grow, with the popularity of gyms, fitness clubs, health, well being clinics and retreats increasing by a staggering 58% over the last four years. This in part is because the standard of services and variety of innovative home-grown natural products is so high, particularly in Tasmania.

Art, Craft and Design

Tasmania's geography, natural environment, history and the origins of its colonial occupiers have shaped the products of craftspeople, designers and manufacturers since European occupation began in 1803. From the mid-nineteenth century, floral embroideries depicting Tasmania's endemic flowers were sent from Tasmania to inter-colonial and international exhibitions. Since 1970 studio-based practice has developed significantly, predominantly in furniture and woodcrafts, ceramics and textiles, and also glass, metal and leather. Tasmania's unique flora, fauna and dramatic landscapes continue to be powerful sources for the development of forms, motifs and imagery in contemporary Tasmanian art and design.

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