Sullivan's Cove

Ever since Hobart was founded in 1804, Sullivans Cove, the historic Hunter Street precinct and Constitution Dock has been its dock area. The cove area itself is now known as Macquarie Wharf and still serves as the main port for the city.

As one of Australia's finest deepwater ports, the River Derwent became the centre of the Southern Ocean whaling and the sealing trade, Sullivans Cove rapidly grew into a major port, with allied industries such as shipbuilding.

Sullivans Cove still holds large historical and sentimental value for the city; it is here that the migrant forefathers of many present-day Tasmanians first came ashore to begin a new life, and it is here where most tours and sea journeys around the shores of southern Tasmania begin and end, the most well known being the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, which finishes with celebratory champagne at Constitution Dock every December. For visitors, it has become a place to meet, to select a tour or trip or join others in one of the many eateries dotted around its shores. Hunter Street, on its northern side, is lined by historic sandstone warehouses.
Location: Franklin Wharf, Hobart.

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