Stanley Seal Cruises

Australian Fur Seals are just beautiful in their natural habitat. Whilst it is impossible to guarantee the appearance of wild animals when humans venture into their habitat, this cruise is a 75 minute trip to Bull Rock and back, where there are rarely less than 300 seals enjoying life, lazing around, swimming around the boat and jumping out of the water.

Leaving from the pontoon at the fisherman���s dock, the 75 minute scenic cruise takes in spectacular views of the Stanley Nut, the unique township, the old pioneer cemetery and Godfrey���s Beach. Historic farmlands extend to the waterline below, where ocean-eroded caves scatter the shoreline.

The destination is Bull Rock, a non-breeding ground or haul-out, 600 metres offshore. Here, up to 500 seals bask in the sunshine or frolic playfully in the crystal-clear waters of Bass Strait. This is the most common seal in Tasmanian waters and breeds from October to January on rocky outcrops, extending from King Island, in the North West, to Tenth Island in the North Eastern corner.Hunted almost to extinction last century, the population recovery of the largest and fourth-rarest seal species in the world, has been slow and the mammal is now wholly protected. Ironically the seal is now a great source of enjoyment for tourists visiting Stanley.

Where Is it?

Dockside, Wharf Rd Stanley. Ph 0419 550 134

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