Railtrack Riders

In what is believed to be a first in Australia, the Railtrack Rider in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley provides the opportunity to travel along the old Maydena railway track past an historic railway siding and into the rainforest. Using 2-seater carts based on railway hand cars, Railtracking Riding is a unique fitness activity that provides exercise using the power of pedals to propel a group or individuals along disused non-operational railway corridors, while enjoying the vista and aura of Maydena’s forests and climate.


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The Tolkien track

600m on from the Big Tree Reserve, turn right onto Waterfall Creek Rd. Drive for 800m and park near the small grassy track on your left. Walk back down the road 40m to the start of the Tolkien Track. This track winds through a spectacular piece of forest that was once threatened by logging. Use the map (link to tolkien track map.jpg) to explore the network of trails. You can retrace your steps to return to the road near your car, or join the road further up and walk back down the hill to your car.
There is plenty to see on this track. Walk under Morannon, the “Black Gate”; see the 75-m giant with twin trunks named Fangorn; enter the Cave Tree; walk along the trunk of the Felled Giant; and stand in awe under Gandalf’s Staff, the 84-m tall giant that was host to the Global Rescue Station.
If you are in the mood for a longer walk, follow the track to the intimate seclusion of the waterfall (20 minutes). This track can be slippery, so please take care.

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