A former Hydro town, Poatina is owned by Fusion Australia, a Christian youth and community organization which cares for homeless and unemployed young people in a supportive atmosphere. Being in the heart of Tasmania, Poatina is in easy reach of all major tourist destinations and makes the ideal location for a family holiday.

Perched on top of a low plateau, Poatina was built during the 1960s to serve as a housing site for workers who were part of the town’s hydro-electricity projects. The town’s total population is 300.

PoatinaSet against the beautiful Great Western Tiers, Poatina is known for its charming landscape. The town is the perfect location for fishing, hiking, and other similar outdoor activities because of its geographical location.
Activities in and around town include hiking, walking, trekking, cycling, and sightseeing.

Arthurs Lake and Great Lake are two favorite tourist hot spots which are easily reached from Poatina. Tods Corner, Canal Bay and the Little Lake are good fishing areas.

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Where is it?

166 km from Hobart and 60 km from Launceston on the road from Tasmania’s north east to the Central Highlands.

Poatina Power Station

Poatina hydro-electric power station, some 3.5 km from the town, has six turbines, with a combined generating capacity of 300 MW of electricity. It makes use of a 900 metre drop from the Great Western Tiers to the Norfolk Plains; water from Great Lake is diverted via a tunnel to the edge of the Tiers where it plummets down a viable penstock line, which enters the ground again near the power station. The Poatina Power Station is located in a massive artificial underground cavern, hence the name Poatina, Palawa for “cavern” or “cave”.

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