Rock Climbing

Totem Pole climb

The large island of Tasmania contains some of Australias best and spectacular climbing. From remote alpine multipitches on Frenchmans Cap and Mt Geryon to the sport crags of Adamsfield and Hillwood Tassies climbing is world class. Excellent sea cliffs are some of the best examples of what the this island can offer.

Tasmania is home to what for many is seen as the ultimate climb in Australia – The Totem Pole – one of the most spectacular pieces of rock on the planet. It is a free-standing dolerite pillar spearing straight out of the water in a gloomy chasm infested with sharks and subject to volatile swell patterns. It is over sixty metres tall, but only about four metres wide at the base. It sways in the wind and shudders with the crash of every wave. The prospect this piece of rock presents the climber is uncompromising and chilling. It demands you take at handful of bravery pills, as the challenge of the climb is psychological as much as technical.

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