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Tasmania provides some of the best inland fishing waters in the world. Its abundant streams and lakes and its pristine, unique natural environment make it a highly attractive and exciting fishing destination. Here, you can catch wild trout in crystal clear waters surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, access prime fishing locations easily from major cities, and fish for a variety of trout and salmon at a single water or at several waters within the one day.

The Central Highlands boasts over 3000 lakes and tarns, most of which hold trout. Many of these are only accessible by foot, but the journey can be a reward in itself as the walk can be spectacular. Rivers are also highly regarded and many have reasonable flows all year. The village of Miena is the centre for fishing in the Central Highlands.

Tasmania’s wild brown trout fishery, in particular, attracts anglers from interstate and overseas, but the fishery also caters for a wide range of angling interest. Anglers have the choice of fishing one of the many small streams that teem with brown trout in the 500 gram range, to stalking larger fish in the shallow margins of one of the many hundreds of lakes. For the intrepid angler, vast areas of National Park and World Heritage Areas contain excellent trout waters. These areas enable the outdoor enthusiast to combine trout fishing with bushwalking for the ultimate wilderness fishery experience.

The angling season extends from August to May, with the best fishing between October and April. There are also seven major waters that are now open for angling all year round. During the course of the season, different types of fishing become prominent, reflecting seasonal shifts in weather, water levels, food availability and consequently, the feeding behaviour of trout

Tasmania has a healthy network of angling clubs throughout the State and a string of accredited trout guides. Valuable advice is also available through tackle stores, where you can also purchase a fishing licence. For the novice fisher or tourist, some local advice on where to fish and what to use, could make the difference to a successful fishing experience.

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