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farmgate_introThe bountiful supplies of Tasmanian fruit are renowned for their delicious flavour, the island’s temperate maritime climate provides a diversity of produce to be harvested from early summer to late autumn. Locals and visitors alike can source the freshest fine produce direct from the grower, from bags of apples to cherries, apricots, berries, seasonal stonefruit, cheeses, olives, meats, wines, jams, pickles and liqueurs. Increasingly too, Farmer’s Markets conveniently held in towns and cities are becoming the focus of many itineraries.

If you are touring around Tasmania, you have the privilege of obtaining produce direct from its source. You can pick your own fresh Tasmanian berries, head up the driveway of a rural property with shed door sales and sample quality produce and flavours that you rarely taste in their just-harvested state.

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