Cross Country


Tasmania is the only island state in Australia and is claimed to be one of the world’s most mountainous islands. While this claim could be debated, it is certainly true that there is very little flat land in the entire state. Less than a quarter of it is flat enough for agriculture and farms – much of the state is undeveloped. The mountains are never very high reaching only 1600 metres. Despite the low elevation, the landscape is surprisingly rugged and the effects of recent ice ages are evident. The scenery is so good that bushwalkers ignore mountain ranges that in any other part of Australia would be ranked amongst the best. Most head into the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area. This is comprised of four large national parks, South West, Wild Rivers, Cradle Mountain and Walls Of Jerusalem, plus some small reserves, and covers 20% of the entire state. There are many other parks and reserves elsewhere in the state that are also worth visiting.

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