Tasmania’s westernmost community and the furthest settlement from Hobart, Marrawah is the most popular surfing spot in Tasmania’s north. The small town services the surrounding rich dairy farming area. Beyond the town the farmlands undulate down to the sea at Green Point and West Point where the cold and inhospitable waters of the Southern Ocean crash against the lonely coastline.

Where Is it?

491 km north west of Hobart and 292 km north west of Launceston, 50 km south east of Smithton, via the Bass Highway.

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Things To See And Do

Besides surfing, the major attractions in the area include walks along the coastline, the important Aboriginal carvings at Mt Cameron West and Sundown Point, and cruises along the beautiful reaches of the Arthur River.

Arthur River

Situated 16 km south of Marrawah at the mouth of the Arthur River, the tiny settlement of Arthur River is an ideal base for walking (both in the bush and along the coastline), horse riding, fishing, off road driving, cruising the river and picnics in this remote, beautiful area.

Gardiner Point

Gardiner Point, to the south of Arthur River, has been dubbed The Edge of The world as the sea here stretches uninterrupted all the way to Argentina, 15,000 km away. The sea west of Tasmania is in fact the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on the globe. From Argentina the currents known as the roaring 40's sweep unimpeded more than halfway around the planet until they hit this point.

Surrounding Area


Preminghana, formerly known as Mt. Cameron West, covers an area of 524 hectares and was declared an Indigenous Protected Area in 1999. Most noted for the splendid Tasmanian Aboriginal cave etchings, it is a unique destination for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people alike. The Preminghana artwork is the finest example of Tasmanian Aboriginal art, and one of the finest displays of hunter/gatherer art in the world. Preminghana is also a popular fishing and 4WD spot.

Tarkine Wilderness

One of the world's most accessible rainforest wilderness areas, the Tarkine Wilderness is 350,000 hectares in size. It is hugely diverse extending from thundering west coast beaches, through giant sand dunes, across rolling button grass plains, to towering eucalypt forests and into lush temperate rainforests.

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