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1. Tasmania For Everyone website

If you operate a business in Tasmania in the tourism or hospitality industries, you are entitled to a free basic listing in the appropriate category for your business on the page of the place where your business is situated. With a Premier Listing, you have your own page containing information about your business. It can include up to 10 images, including logos, photographs etc. You will receive a password which gives you access to this page at any time, allowing you or your graphic designer to change the content of your page as many times as you like.

The page can contain links to your website, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Additionally, readers can email you direct from your page, send an SMS or phone you direct at the click of a button from your page when viewed on a smart phone. Readers can access your page via the drop down menu on every page, and from all maps on all pages where your locality is shown. The Tasmania For Everyone website has been designed to be smart phone and tablet friendly, so your Premier Listing will be as easy to view and as clear to read as it is on a computer.

Like all pages on the website, your page will have a comments panel where readers can review or comment about your business. This facility allows you to receive feedback about your business and services from readers. No comments will be automatically published on your page. You will receive an email advising you when comments have been left, and it will be your decision whether or not the comments are published. View examples of Premier Listings: The following example listings are all in the town of Agnes Water, Tasmania.  View the editorial page containing links to to the Listings. Note: accommodation listing can also be accessed via the Accommodation drop-down menu; other listings can be accessed via the drop down menu in their relevant categories. Client: 1770 Liquid Adventures - View the client’s listing. Drop down menu categories: sea kayaking, guided tours, sporting activities Client: Lady Musgrave Island cruise -  View the client’s listing. Drop down menu categories: activities, guided tours, cruises Client: Pavillions Mirage On 1770 Resort - View the client’s listing. Drop down menu categories: Accommodation; serviced apartments Client: The Tree Bar and Restaurant 1770 – View the client’s listing. Drop down menu categories: Dining Out; restaurants; Cafes Client: Larc Tours, 1770: View the client’s listing. Drop down menu categories: Activitites; Guided Tours

2. Tasmania For Everyone App A smart phone and tablet App. which duplicates the Tasmania For Everyone website in App. form. Whether smart phone users access Tasmania For Everyone via the website or the App., your Premier Listing is easy to access and as clear to view and read as it is on a computer. Additionally, readers can email you direct, send an SMS or phone you direct at the click of a button all from your page when viewing it on their smart phone or tablet. afe_banner_logo

3. Australia For Everyone website Australia For Everyone is our mother website, which presently has over 1,500 visitors per day from Australia and countries around the world. With a Premier Listing, you will have a listing for your business or service on the main page for the region in Tasmania where your business operates, your town or city’s page, plus a listing on up to three other pages of your choice. When clicking on your listing, your Premier Listing page in Tasmania For Everyone will appear in a new window. Go There >>

4. Mobile Phone Friendly Web Pages If you do not have a mobile phone-friendly website, we can provide your website designer with the code to add to your existing website so that every time anyone visits your website with a smart phone, they will automatically go to your smart phone friendly Premier Listing on Tasmania For Everyone. This effectively gives you a mobile friendly webpage for no additional cost. Every time you modify or change your Premier Listing page, the smart phone version automatically updates too!

Special offer: let us create a mobile friendly website for you as part of your initial Premier Package. Receive up to 3 pages, set up on a template of your choice at no cost (value $500) – available for a limited time only.

5. Free QR Barcodes QR-scanningUtilizing the latest in digital technology, QR Barcodes put a link to your business onto any smart phone at the click of a button. We will provide you with the QR Barcode, users simply scan the code and it adds a link to your mobile-friendly Premier Listing page. Not only is it like placing your brochure on their phone, it puts a direct link to your online booking facility on their phone. Booking a room at your motel or a table at your restaurant will be just a click away. You can use this barcode to promote your business in a variety of ways – add it to your advertising material and brochures, add it to your stationery, display it on your counter, on your motor vehicle or in the window of your business premises. People can learn more about your business, book online, send you an enquiry etc. no matter where they are, at any time of the day or night. It’s a fact: 98% of Australians have a mobile phone; 58% of them use it to access the internet; 62% use it to look for products and services they require. Your Premier Listing page is an extremely cost effective way for your business to become visible to them.

Choose a Premier Listing package that suits you: Two years (payment in advance): $950.00 Two years (payment by the month): $50.00 per month One month feature listing for Premier Listing clients only: $40.00 One month feature listing for non Premier Listing clients: $95.00

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