Lillico Beach

The narrow coastal strip at Lillico Beach is home to a colony of Little Penguins (also known as Fairy Penguins). From the reserve���s viewing platform, you can watch the birds return to their burrows each evening after a day���s hunting in the open ocean. Local volunteers and Parks and Wildlife rangers are on site during the breeding season (September to May) and summer months (mid-December to Mid-February).

At around 30 centimetres high and weighing just one kilo, the Little Penguin is the world���s smallest penguin. The bird���whose species name Eudyptula minor means good little diver���have been known to dive down to 57 metres (187 feet) in search of food.

Location: Lillico Beach Conservation Area, 10 minutes/10 km west of Devonport, just off the Bass highway. No toilets available at the reserve.

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