Lake Chisholm

If you seek a place away from it all, deep in a beautiful lush rainforest, where all is still and peaceful with a sense of remoteness, that���s pretty much what you���ll find at Lake Chisholm. The silence in the forest and at the lake can be profound.

Lake Chisholm is one of several stops on the South Arthur Forest Drive, a loop road south of Smithton in the Tarkine wilderness region of the state���s north west. It was formed when a sink-hole in the limestone countryside became blocked. Water flowing into the hole had nowhere to go, and accumulated until a decent sized lake had formed.

Being in a low lying area, the lake is sheltered from the winds common in the area, and so the surface is often still and mirror-like. Not having a normal outlet also minimises the water���s movement. The lake���s perfect reflections are a photographer���s dream.

The lake is accessed via good gravel roads. From the car park, a 500 metre walking trail leads down to the lake. The forest it passes through is simply stunning in its lushness, and the path is gentle enough to allow for its full appreciation.

South Arthur Forest Drive (or the Tarkine Forest Drive, as it is alternatively known), passes through a mix of pristine forest wilderness and areas that have been and still are being extensively logged. The predominance of regrowth forest and the frequency of logging roads are a constant reminder that much of the area is far from pristine.

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On the drive from Stanley to Smithton, take the South Arthur Forest Drive turnoff. You will head out of Smithton and through Edith Creek. Lake Chisholm is 49 km south of Smithton via Trowutta Road.

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