Maria Island Cruise and Walk

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If you find yourself on Tasmania’s east coast and are not planning to spend a day on Maria Island, then you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t re-arrange your itinerary to include a day on Maria Island. It’s a unique location where the visitor feels they have left civilization behind and stepped into another world. There are no noisy cars or machinery, just the sound of the wind rustling in the trees and the occasional bird calling to another. The air is clean; the only smells that accost the nose are the perfumes of the plants in the bushland and the salt in the air, blown off the sea which surrounds you. The whole place is a treat for the senses, and an opportunity to experience something civilisation lost more than a century ago.

There is no better way to experience all that Island has to offer than to take the Maria Island Cruise and Walk package offered by Maria Island Ferry. They will organise everything for you, all you have to do is turn up, go along for the ride and have one of the best days ever. It’ll be like leaving civilization behind and stepping into another world.

Maria Island Ferry guarantees to get you to the Island relaxed and protected from the wind, spray and waves. Choose your view either from inside through the surround glass windows or up on the Dolphin-Deck with 360 degree views. Enjoy the waterside view of the Island, pristine beaches, historic landing sites and more. Your cruise Captain provides an interactive narrative including the fascinating and varied history of the Island, local tales, unique scenic features and marine wildlife (dolphins, seals and whales in season), as you cruise the Maria coastline. Take in the most popular natural geological icons - the Painted Cliffs, the Fossil Cliffs, Fossil Bay and Mt Bishop & Clerk and beyond – (all visual evidence of a timeline of millions of years).

As you step ashore, you are stepping back in time back in time. Walk through the buildings in the World Heritage Probation Station which formed the 1800′s settlement of Darlington. Go further afield on one of the many walks to discover some of Maria’s treasures. Meet the local wildlife up close in the sanctuary provided by the Island and walk pristine beaches that may well have all to yourself. Experience for yourself how the beauty and natural isolation of Maria Island has made it it one of Tasmania’s great Eco experiences.

It is your choice whether you take a half day or a full day trip exploring the Island. It is also your choice whether you see the island on foot or on a bike. The track on the Island are all bike friendly and you can see so much more with a pair of wheels under you. If you have your own bike you can bring it with you. If not, Maria Island Ferry can arrange for a mountain bike to be waiting for you when you step ashore.

There are no shops or cafes on the island, so if you don’t want the hassle of having to prepare the food for your day on Maria Island, Maria Island Ferry can prepare Lunch or Morning Tea for you prepared for you if you wish. Please enquire when you book (24 hrs notice preferred for catering). Bookings are recommended.

About The Ferry

The Maria Island Ferry is the only fully enclosed passenger vessel travelling to Maria Island. Travel time is between 30 and 40 minutes. The 14m super stable Catamaran was purpose-built for crossing Mercury Passage from Triabunna to Maria Island & guarantees your safe return in any conditions. The Maria Ferry carries up to 48 passengers, bicycles, kayaks and your freight. The underwater cameras and full size Observation Deck ensures maximum viewing of dolphins, seals, whales and sea birds.