Waterfalls: North East Tasmania

Ralphs Falls

Ralphs Falls is a spectacular waterfall that plummets over a fluted cliff into the gorge below. The falls, which are the tallest single drop falls in Tasmania, an be reached using a link road running through the reserve between Ringarooma and Pyengana. A 10 minute stroll through an old myrtle rainforest leads to the lookout over the falls.
Location: 20km from Ringarooma on the Ringarooma - Pyengana Link Road.

St Columba Falls

This is one of Tasmania's highest falls and is the most visited falls in Tasmania's north-east. The walk to the falls is on a high-quality track through cool and shady rainforest. The track leads to the base of the falls.
Location: 38km from St Helens, via Pyengana.

Lilydale Falls

Lilydale Falls consists of two waterfalls that are quite small but in picturesque settings. It is an easy walk to the viewing areas.
Location: Lilydale Park, Lilydale, 30 minutes northeast of Launceston.

Lost Falls

A tall waterfall that flows seasonally only. The viewing platform is a short distance from the parking area.
Location: via Lake Leake Highway from either Campbell Town or Swansea. The entrance is across from the turnoff leading to Meetus Falls.

Meetus Falls

A majestic, tall waterfall plunging the Cygnet River into a gorge below. The walking track to the viewing platform is a 15 minute round trip, but is a little steep in places.
Location: via Lake Leake Highway from either Campbell Town or Swansea.

Mathinna Falls

A waterfall some 70 plus metres tall, that consists of four drops, only two of which can be seen from the viewing area. Access is a via a 30-minute return walk from the car park and picnic area. The falls are close to the Evercreech Forest Reserve.
Location: off Mathinna Plains Road near Mathinna.

Evercreech Falls

Being situated in the Evercreech Forest Reserve, these falls share a walking track with the White Knights, the tallest gum trees in the world. The 20-30 minute walk follows the Evercreech Rivulet from and back to the carpark.
Location: off Mathinna Road, to the north-east of Mathinna and north of Fingal.

Cuckoo Falls

A very pretty waterfall in a rainforest setting. Access is via an old highland cattle trail. The steep two-hour return walk takes you through a variety of forest types.
Location: off Tasman Highway south of Scottsdale at Tonganah.

Meadstone Falls

A pretty waterfall, however it is seasonal and can be little more than a trickle in summer. The walking path leads to a viewing platform.
Location: east of Fingal along the Esk Highway, Valley Road branches off to the right towards the logging area of Mt. Puzzler.

Hardings Falls

Situated in the Hardings Falls Forest Reserve. The walk from the car park and picnic area is through dry forest dominated by eucalypts, oyster bay pines and banksias. There is a steep walk from the lookout down to the Swan River. Rocky platforms along the river bed provide a great place to relax and observe the tranquil series of cascades.
Location: off the MG Forestry Road, Fingal Valley via Avoca or Fingal

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