Tasman Peninsula Drive

A day's drive around the Forestier and Tasmania Peninsulas, taking in the stunning coastline around Eaglehawk Neck, the convict settlement ruins at Port Arthur and other settlements on Norfolk Bay, as well as the Tasmanian Devil Wildlife Park. This is a full day's drive, so the earlier you leave Hobart, the more you will be able to fit into your day. If you enjoy an easy bushwalk, want to see some of the coastal features up close rather than from a distance, or would like to spend a bit of time taking in the Port Arthur historical site, it is recommended that the trip be extended by a day, with an overnight stopover somewhere on the Tasman Peninsula.


South east of Hobart, Tasmania.


220 km

Return Journey

As an alternative, return via Heritage Highway, but take the road via Colebrook, Campania and the historic Georgian village of Richmond between Hobart and Oatlands.

Features and Attractions

Port Arthur; Tasman National Park; historic colonial convict sites

The Drive

Leave Hobart via Brooker Hwy, following the signs across to Tasman Bridge to Sorell. From Sorell, continue on the Arthur Hwy to Dunalley, with its man made Denison Canal, then to Eaglehawk Neck. The Pirates Bay Rd deviation before reaching Eaglehawk Neck is well worth taking, with panoramic views down the coast. There are some fabulous coastal features to see around the Neck before heading further south, these include the Tessellated Pavement, Tasman Arch, Blowhole, Fortescue Bay and Cape Raoul. Check out Doo Town and have a chuckle at the funny house names there.

Head west then south along Arthur Hwy to Taranna with its historic convict station, Tasmanian Devil Park and the Federation Chocolate Factory. Continue South to the Port Arthur convict settlement ruins, which is Australia's foremost convict historic sites. When you have completed your visit to Port Arthur, continue south on Safety Cove Rd to Remarkable Cave, a huge water-filled rock cave/natural bridge on the coast.

Return along Safety Cove Rd, turning left into Nubeena Rd. Follow the road to Nubeena and Premaydena. If you have time and an interest in convict history, head north at Premaydena to the convict station and coal mine ruins beyond Saltwater River. Return along Nubeena Rd to Koonya (another convict station), at Taranna, head north along Arthur Hwy and return to Hobart via Eaglehawk Neck, Dunalley and Sorell.

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