Australian Axeman's Hall of Fame

If you are in Devonport, or travelling between Devonport and Burnie, a stop-off at the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame at Latrobe, just off the highway not far from Devonport, is highly recommended.
Since early colonial days, timbergetting and timber cutting has been a major industry in Australia. Australian Axeman's Hall of Fame and Timberworks salutes both the pioneers of the industry and those who have triumphed in the competitive woodchopping.

The Hall of Fame is located at beautiful picturesque Bells Parade on the banks of the Mersey River in Latrobe, the original port into Tasmania's North West. The Australian Axeman's Hall of Fame and Timberworks is the national museum showcasing Australia's wood-chopping sporting champions including the 12 Legends: the entry fee includes all three attractions.
Highlighting the sport of wood chopping which was developed as a matter of course between Bushmen, when during the early days of Australian colonial settlement the skills of wood chopping became essential in the development of clearing land and constructing dwellings.
Within the collections in the museum there are 173 items listed in our catalogue, ranging from Sashes, Trophies, Photographs, Programs (1930/1934), Wood chopping tools, shoes, singlets, medals and more.

The displays include:
Theatrette, featuring audio-visual presentations on the harsh life in the bush, the history of the Australian timber industry and related cultural aspects, including the development of competitive woodchopping.
Pit Saw Display, early bush timber-milling and the growth of mechanised mills.
Cross-Cut Saw, Axe and Adze, displays showing examples and the use of the important tools and the slab, paling, shingle-splitting and post and rail building styles.
Development of the mechanical chainsaw, and the history of bush transport and log-hauling from bullock teams to bush railways and lorries.
Forest Harvesting and Management Today, showing how methods have evolved to the present day and a look at future forest management, including an examination of vital issues such as plantations and the sustainable management of our forests.
The Origins of Axemen’s Carnivals, and the early competitions including the first World Championship competition held at Latrobe.
It is a sporting history like no other, notable for its family links from one generation to the next. It is a sport with a direct connection to the bush spirit of Australia, as much in need of preservation as the story of our pioneering forefathers.

Tasmanian Makers Market

Don't forget to join in the fun at the Tasmanian Makers Market at our Bells Parade complex. Come meet the Makers at the Market
Held Every Sunday 9-3
Every Thursday 10-3
Entry is free

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Cafe @ The Axemans

“Make the taste of Tassie linger longer” in the licensed cafe, or take home some Tasmanian wine or providore selections from our giftshop.
The cafe is open from 9am – 7 Days a week. It is not just a take-away or snack bar, but has comprehensive menus for different times of the day and week. whether you want something quick during your travels, a full lunch or Friday night dinner out, the choice of meals is extensive and the prices represent excellent value. There are always daily specials available, including lunches from just $7.00.
The Cafe is Licenced, Tassie beers on tap, outdoor seating with a peaceful, relaxing view of Bells Parade is available and a great selection of Tasmanian wines, cascade drinks, Red Kelly preserves, spices, condiments, olives, Tassie cheeses and pure Tasmanian water are always available. Cheese platters are available for ladies wanting to do a w(H)ine o’clock!
If you have limited time or you just need something smaller to keep you going, the kiosk has a great range of small snacks, and cool and hot drinks available.

Peddle Buggies

We now offer Pedal buggies they are available for hire to ride around Bells Parade

Platypus Interpretation Centre

The giant Platypus outside the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame not only makes the place easy to find, it identifies another function of the centre – to provide information on the platypus, a unique Australian mammal that is prolific in the State of Tasmania. The Platypus and Trout Experience is a static interpretive display, with dioramas and taxidermies of Platypus and other Tasmanian Flora and Fauna. Enjoy the tranquillity of the life like setting while gaining educational and informative knowledge on the lifestyle of our unique monotremes. They are the only egg laying mammals in the world! The tour includes a 10 minute David Attenborough DVD. The Trout Experience is a live display of Tasmanian Inland Fish, set in tanks with information on life and breeding cycles.

Want To See A Live Platypus?

Guided tours of the Warrawee Forest Reserve to view LIVE Platypus in their natural environment

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Australian Axeman’s Hall Of Fame
Location: Bell’s Parade River Road, Latrobe, Tas.
Telephone: 03 6426 2099
Open Daily: 9.00am – 5.00pm