Albatross Island

Albatross Island is one of the islands of the Hunter Group, off the north-west tip of Tasmania.

Albatross Island has many delights but none come near the feeling of awe and inspiration of walking amongst the thousands of nesting birds. The Albatross is strong, confident and totally in control of its environment. The island has four caves, two are concealed by tunnels and easily missed. These caves extend up to 60 metres with ceilings of 15 metres, large enough to accommodate the hundreds of penguins that come ashore to rest there each night.

The centre of the island is cut lengthways by a deep gulch which runs through the short axis; one of the caves runs through the long axis. The cave is usually occupied by a few Albatross that have become trapped. It was in this cave that early sealers slaughtered thousands of Albatross in the 1870s. The island has steep cliffs on all sides, and these have afforded the Albatross some protection. They nest on the top of the highest cliffs. The island once boasted over 12,000 seals but these were less fortunate.

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