A substantial regional centre, the town is a centralised location between the north-west coast’s two cities, Burnie and Devonport.

Braddons Lookout, located on the Upper Forth Road (enter from the Bass Highway on the eastern side of the Forth River Bridge) offers excellent views over both the coast and the hinterland. It is said that on a clear day it is possible to see Cradle Mountain to the south.

Where Is it?

North West. 21 km west of Devonport, 18 km east of Penguin, 28 km east of Burnie, 117 km north west of Launceston.

Visitor Centre

13-15 Alexandra Road, Ulverstone. Ph (03) 6425 2839

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Things To See And Do

On the road to Turners Beach is the historic private residence, Gables Park. It was built around 1850 and was originally known as The Sailors Return Inn. In 1853 it was robbed by the bushrangers Dalton and Kelly (not Ned) who stole the landlord’s whale boat and sailed across the Bass Strait to Victoria. They were subsequently caught, brought back to Tasmania and executed in Launceston.

There are many beautiful old timber houses in the area which date from 1880-1920. Lonah, which overlooks Three Sisters Islands on the road between Ulverstone and Penguin, was built by a retired English soldier, Major-General Lodder, around 1875.

Peddle Buggies Tasmania

Fun and entertaining for all ages, pedal buggies are easy to ride. Open weekends and school holidays or by appointment. Location: 2 Beach Rd, Ulverstone

Zig Zag Garden and Lookout

Admire the beautiful, award-winning gardens lining the hillside zigzag walk . The gardens are lovingly tended by local volunteers. The base of the walkway starts in Maud Street. Enjoy a leisurely climb surrounded by beautiful, award-winning gardens, and at the top take in a panoramic view of Ulverstone and Bass Strait. Or for a less strenuous alternative, drive to the lookout via Upper Maud Street.
Location: Maud St to Upper Maud St, Ulverstone

Ulverstone History Museum

Step back in time and wander through a comprehensive display of artefacts, manuscripts, tools and photographs depicting the life of local pioneers. The interior of our museum consists of constructed facsimile shop facades – all work being done by volunteers. This has enabled us to display numerous artifacts & memorabilia pertaining to the area’s development. Where possible, authentic 19th & early 20th Century building materials have been used in keeping with a bygone era.
Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1.30 – 45.30pm. Location: 50 Main St, Ulverstone. Phone (03) 6425 3835

Surrounding Area

Gunns Plains Caves

Gunns Plains Caves (23 km south) are opem for inspection daily and are well illuminated. The caves were discovered when a possum fell down the hole which was the cave entrance. The caves maintain a regular 11°C all year round. The trip to the caves passes through some particularly beautiful scenery.

Three Sisters Reserve

Located along Penguin Road, The Three Sisters are small offshore islands that are home to a huge variety of bird life. Goat Island to their east is accessible at low tide – but be very careful not to get stranded. Here, you can fish, explore or observe the marine and bird life. The island is home to a breeding colony of Fairy penguins.

Leven Canyon

Leven Canyon (42 km south) has become a popular tourist destination offering interesting and pleasant bushwalks, good picnic and barbeque facilities and views down the 250 metre Leven Canyon. It is possible to walk through the gorge but allow a full day.

Dial Range

Dial Range is located to the south of Penguin township. The Range extends some 14 kms south to the Leven River at Gunns Plains and is about 4-5 kms wide between the hillfaces of Pine Road on the west through to the Leven River forming it's eastern boundary. The principal recreational activities making use of the walking tracks and trails found here include bushwalking, trail bike riding, horseriding, nature studies, running, mountain bike riding and exercising dogs. Fishing, canoeing and other water based activities occur along the Leven River. Designated areas have been set aside for clubs involved with motocross riding and field and game shooting. Sightseeing, picnicking and other recreational activities also occur within the Dial Range.

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