Maydena is the gateway to the Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder wilderness areas and the Mt. Field National Park. The town was built to house the workers of the Australian Newsprint Mills in about 1940 when they opened their forestry section.

The 85 km Gordon River Road is the major man made intrusion into the area of World Heritage Wilderness area of south west Tasmania, and with the Scott Peak Dam Road is the only road into the region. It is the main means of access for tourists and other transport to view the dams from the Lake Pedder damming, apart from flying over the region. It is one of Australia's most awesome road trips.

Railtrack Riding

The narrow gauge (3' 6") railway line in Maydena was once used for hauling timber and osmiridium ore, as well as a way point for the Dam builders up at Strathgordon. Today a portion of the disused rail track is now being used by as the pedal powered Rail track riders tourist attraction.
Rail Track Riding is a unique fitness activity that provides exercise using the power of pedals to propel a group or individuals along disused non-operational railway corridor, while enjoying the vista and aura of Maydena’s forests and climate.

Mt Field National Park

Mt Field National Park is one of Tasmania's most loved national parks. The park has a wide variety of scenic features and wildlife and offers a great range of facilities for day visitors. The park essentially has two visitor sections. The first, near the park entrance, includes picnic facilities and the famous Russell Falls. Stunning walks through enormous fern forests and some of the tallest trees in the world are available in this area. The second visitor section is centred at Lake Dobson and includes the long day walks and skiing areas.

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Where is it?

85 km north north west of Hobart, 53 km west of New Norfolk, on the Gordon River Road beside the River Tyenna.

Styx Valley

Two kilometres past the town boundary towards Lake Pedder there is the turn-off to the Florentine Valley and the Styx Valley. The Giant Swamp Gums in the Styx Valley tall trees reserve are up to 87 metres tall and are believed to be the tallest hardwood trees on earth. They are part of a unique and ancient rainforest ecosystem with gullies carpeted in mosses and lichens and shaded by giant Man-ferns, Southern Sassafras, Myrtle Beech and Celery-top pine.

Junee Cave State Reserve

Situated just outside the township of Maydena, on the edge of the Southwest National Park, is Junee Cave. A short nature trail leads to the entrance of the cave where Junee River rises to the surface. Interpretive signs describe the Junee cave system, which includes Niggly Cave,Australia’s deepest cave. Turn right at the Maydena store and follow the signs, for five km, to Junee Cave. For further information contact the Senior Ranger, Mt Field National Park, ph 03 6288 1149

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