Doo Town

Just passed Eaglehawk Neck, on the way to Tasman’s Arch, the Blowhole and the Devil’s Kitchen is the holiday village of Doo Town. The town dates back to the 1930s when in 1935, Hobart architect Eric Round began a custom that continues today. Round placed the name plate "Doo I" on his weekend shack. A neighbour, Charles Gibson, responded with a plate reading "Doo Me" then Bill Eldrige with "Doo Us". Eric Round later renamed his shack Xanadoo.

The trend caught on and most of the homes have a plate following the ‘Doo’ theme: Gunadoo, Doodle Doo, Love Me Doo, Doo Us, Doo Me, Doo Nix, Wee Doo, Xanadu, Rum Doo and, the house which reputedly started the fashion, Doo Little – a suitable name for a holiday home. There is one dissenting house in the town, daringly named Medhurst.

Doo Town's picture perfect location at the southern end of Pirates Bay has attracted new residents in recent years - all committed to maintaining the Doo Town tradition.  It makes for a quirky photo opportunity.

Doo Town was established in the 1830s as an unnamed timber station which eventually developed into a shack community.

Where Is it?

79 km southeast of Hobart on the Arthur Highway.

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Sealife Experience Tours operates a two hour boat trip down the coast of the Peninsula and back from Pirates Bay, near Doo Town. It departs from Pirates Bay and hugs the coast to Tasman Island before returning. Specially built craft take you in close to the base of towering dolerite cliffs to see Tasman’s Arch from the ocean side, seal colonies, dolphins, a waterfall pouring down the cliff face and straight into the ocean, sea caves and lots so much more. In good weather the cruiser drives straight through a giant rock arch. April & May are the best months as the sea is calmest then. This is one of the best value coastal cruises available in Australia today, made all the better for showing off one of the most scenic stretches of our coastline.

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