Dial Range

This chain of mountains and valleys was given its name because the silhouette of one of its summits, the Gnomon, resembles an ancient sundial. It extends about 14 km north to south and 4-5 km west to east. It is bordered on the east and south by the Leven River, with the Gunns Plains to the south. Two smaller areas ��� the Mount Montgomery and Ferndene state reserves ��� are managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Range has more than 50 kilometres of trails, with opportunities for short walks or longer treks.

Ferndene Gorge Forest Reserve

From the well-equipped picnic area there is a short walk up along the stream through beautiful shady manferns and tall Eucalypt forest to an historic mining area and Thorsby���s Tunnel.

Mount Montgomery

The summit offers spectacular views of the coastline and surrounding countryside. Wedgetail eagles have been spotted flying above. There are pleasant views along the upper trail as the Eucalypt forest opens up with rocky outcrops providing opportunities for rest stops or a shady lunch break (there is no convenient shade on the summit). Very steep final 300 metres on sandy vehicle trail ��� walking stick or two is very useful here. Duration: 2 hours return. Grade: moderate.

Mount Duncan

This is the highest peak in the Dial Range. The summit of Mount Duncan affords good views of Ulversone, Devonport, Table Cape, Mt. Roland and Black Bluff, exceptional rewards for such a short walk. This walk can also be started from the Mount Gnomon Carpark, this would make it a significantly longer walk (4 hrs return). Duration: 90 mins. Grade: medium.

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Mount Dial

The signature protrusion in the Dial Range however it lacks any sort of distinguishing manmade features usually associated with this such as a trig point or cairn. It has some good views to the east and the undisturbed tree cover provides a relatively sheltered peak in poor weather. You will have opportunity to enjoy the small native orchids along the trail and in particular at the peak itself (peak season Oct- Dec.). Duration: 2-3 hours. Grade: easy.

The Gnomon

The Gnomon, or Mount Gnomon is a protrusion in the Dial Range with south-facing cliffs that give it the appearance of a Gnomon (the part of a sundial that casts the shadow). It can be reached in 45 minutes from the Gnomon carpark off Ironcliffe Road in the Dial Range reserve, managed by Forestry Tasmania. Duration: 1.5 hours. Grade: easy.

Location: via Ironcliffe Rd, Penguin.

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